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Landscaping Stone Suppliers in Bangalore

V- Stone is India’s one of the noted and materialized landscaping companies which is composed, framed, retained and so enriches both commercial and residential places of eternal beauty. It is Mr Vinod kumar Kasnia, a highly skilled professional who is to be appreciated for the origin of V- stone landscaping company in 2003. We confess in pride that we are the best landscaping partner one could ever get. V- Stone provides all kind of landscaping and garden contracts on sites large and small. We are here to provide fast, knowledgeable and friendly services. Efficient management and excellent customer relationship has been delivered during these past years by our team of excellent professionals.

Bush Hammed

V- Stone does focus on Landscape architecture too which is the design of outdoor landmarks, structures and public areas to bring about environmental, social- behavioral aesthetic outcomes. The trademark of the company remains as the guarantee to inspiration, quality and benefit. When it comes to new construction or home renovations, landscape contractors are often called into a project. A better building experience, a superior end result and a significant cost savings are guaranteed for our valued customers by V- Stone.

Landscape architecture is one of the better ways to design and plan outdoor space in an enticing way. Planning the design of the property along with the design of the house brings about better organization to the project. Our primary goal is to merge the home with its natural surroundings to create a sense of place. This is to avoid the feeling that the house or commercial building was literally dropped out of the sky onto the ground.

Having a landscape designed with sustainable principles in mind has got many benefits as you put more thought into every decision when you are into making sustainable choices from the plants you choose to the furniture you use. This would offer even more pleasing space because of the effort shown in selecting. Landscape architecture in a way is beneficial for our planet as it tends to reduce the usage of water. Another important care is to be taken while selecting the plants that plays neck to neck with the natural environment which eventually reduces the water utilisation.


V- Stone conducts comprehensive tests and analyze the soil and temperature to bring about the aesthetic value of nature in its landscaping. V- Stone has been able to set high standards amongst its peers across Dubai, Australia and throughout India. In short, Landscaping architecture helps in adding values to the potential buyers and the house. It is energy efficient too and also plays as a source of physical activity that does not take a lot of stress. Thus Landscaping can be done in a tasteful as well as artistic way for smaller and larger scales.

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